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In its latest annual “Culture & Trends Report,” YouTube has turned the spotlight on a significant and growing trend among Gen-Z: It shows that loyal fan users include fans who are also prosumers.

This 2024 version shows that a sensational 65% of Gen-Z participants described themselves as ‘video creators. ‘ Also, 57% of the participants admitted to watching fan-made videos about artists, personalities, or issues of interest in the previous year.

This is indicative of the fact that where super fans love to generate content, similarly the large base of fans love to only consume content. This dynamic is the industry driver and marketers need to understand and appreciate that the “super fans” of the music business in the year 2024 are not just culturally but also emotionally invested in the product beyond trade value.

Implications for Brands

The report also suggests that brands on YouTube should cling to this movement by concentrating on remixes, custom merchandise, and giving tools to fans in creating content. That is why examples of successful music campaigns associated with this approach have been focused on this issue. Interestingly, an ad music video by the K-Pop band of Coca-Cola incorporated the use of an AI feature where by fans could type in name, record voice and shoot their face, and then download the resultant music video and share it.

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Looking ahead, the report predicts that advancements in creative AI and video tools will position fandom as a central driver of pop culture rather than a reactive force. Brands that fail to engage with fans in a structured and meaningful way risk being left behind in this rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The YouTube Culture and Trends Report 2024 is therefore a useful resource for marketers to know video culture today, anticipate the future, and survive in this climate. This vision presupposes that fans will be able to participate in the creation of pop culture with the help of AI and simple production technology. The takeaway for brands is clear: interact with your fan community by offering such things as artistic resources that can be affordably modified, remixing, and fan merchandise, or face stagnation in the active and busy genre-sphere generated by fans themselves.

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YouTube’s 2024 Culture & Trends Report Highlights Rise of Content-Creators – Journal Global Online

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