YouTubers demand platform take action against “disgusting” comment bots – Information Today Online

Prominent YouTubers are speaking out against comment bots on the platform for spreading “awful” remarks and including links to shady Discord servers in their channels.

The comments themselves are, unfortunately, nothing new. If you’ve been perusing the comments section underneath a popular creator’s videos anytime recently, you’ve probably seen one of these bots, which spam anything from racial slurs to bragging about abusing animals — and those are the tame ones.

Over the last month or so, an influx of bots have inundated YouTube that advertise Discord links in their channel descriptions that supposedly navigate to illegal material.

Two popular YouTubers, SomeOrdinaryGamers and MoistCritikal, spoke out against these bots, urging YouTube to fix the issue.

“That is illegal,” Moist said in a video uploaded on July 9, 2024. “They are promoting illegal content through YouTube. That is so f*cking disgusting, and the fact that these accounts are able to do that without YouTube having some kind of automatic to shut it down is shocking.”