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An upcoming generative AI feature is coming for YouTube Music, and it is currently being tested by the streaming giant to deliver a new kind of radio station for its subscribers. This generative AI radio would be made via prompts from its users, with the streaming platform bringing a station that will showcase all of the fitting songs based on what was in the request. 

It will feature a similar experience to creating prompts on Gemini, where users will be given a text field to complete, but with this, YouTube Music will make sure to deliver on the experience. 

YouTube Music Generative AI Radio Now Under Testing

YouTube Music is now testing a new feature that centers on a generative AI radio that will create stations based on prompts entered by a user, according to 9to5Google. This was spotted on the latest experimental testing experiences available in YouTube Music, and right from the get-go, it will be offered by the platform from the home page. 

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After clicking “Ask for music any way you like,” users would be taken to a new user interface that will pop out a chat box, similar to chatbots, where they may input their prompts. 

YouTube Music also offers pre-made prompts that users can click and proceed with creating their new station, or they could let the AI do its magic with “Surprise me!”

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What can you expect from the upcoming Gen AI Radio?

Radio stations in music streaming platforms are known for offering a new kind of experience instead of creating a playlist manually, with this new generative AI radio to house it under a new playlist titled after one’s prompt. This would have the label “Created for you” to classify that it was an AI-made station, and it would provide users with a description of the chosen tunes.

YouTube Music and Its Improvements

Since taking on the role as Google and YouTube’s main music streaming platform, YouTube Music has seen significant upgrades to deliver expansive experiences for all things music. Its Radio feature has also been given significant upgrades over time, a station that promises all the relevant songs previously based on one’s algorithm.

It is also the designated platform for all things audio, as its parent company has already shut down the separate streaming platform known previously as Google Podcasts. Since last April, YouTube Music Podcasts has taken on the role of delivering more for users as the service was integrated into its platform, offering significant new features like content filtering, recommendations, and more. 

Google has also not been shy about delivering generative AI experiences on YouTube Music over the past months when it has been the center of development for the Mountain View giant. The latest in this massive AI integration is the generative AI-powered Radio, which will deliver a better experience in creating stations that are now tailored to a user’s specific taste in music.

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YouTube Music is Getting Generative AI Radio, Now Under Testing : Tech : Tech Times – Journal Global Internet

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