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The top three channels in this week’s Global Top 50 are all in the green. They each received more traffic during the first week of July than they did over the previous seven days.


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But even as channels grow up and down the chart, none of them can catch our indefatigable leader.

Chart Toppers

In our charts, the second quarter of 2024 belonged to Anaya Kandhal. She posted the most #1 finishes in April, May, and June, and her hot streak is already continuing into July. The Indian youngster is once again in control of the most-watched channel on YouTube thanks to a large contingent of South Asian fans. With cute, quick-hitting Shorts that are broadcast to more than 35 million subscribers, Anaya was able to break the one-billion-view mark this week. Her final total: 1.01 billion weekly views and a dominant position in the Global Top 50.

Anaya Kandhal’s compatriot ranks second in this week’s Global Top 50. That’s a typical position for T-Series, which has been the runner-up in our charts more often than not (at least this week). The official YouTube home of India’s largest record label used its array of music videos and film clips to amass 671.7 million weekly views. Thanks to that high viewership, T-Series became the first YouTube channel with at least 260 billion lifetime views. Despite that achievement, T-Series still trails MrBeast in terms of total subscribers.

MaviGadget moved up three spots week-over-week to land in third place in the Global Top 50. The U.S.-based Shorts hub, which is known for videos that depict assembly lines and mechanical processes, increased its traffic by 7% week-over-week. As a result, it topped out with 561.9 million weekly views, which gave it a slim advantage over the next channel in the chart. Though MaviGadget was a nonfactor on YouTube before the start of the Shorts era, it has since accrued more than 32 million subscribers and nearly 30 billion lifetime views.

The channel that MaviGadget replaced in the #3 spot finds itself in fourth place at the start of July. KL BRO Biju Rithvik put together another strong chart performance. It was buoyed, as per usual, by the wide appeal of its cutesy family videos and its massive base among non-English-speaking viewers. With videos that feature regional languages like Malayalam, KL BRO was able to pick up 550.7 million weekly views. And with 52 million subscribers, it has the second-largest following among the top five channels. Within that group, only T-Series counts more subs.

Alan Chikin Chow rounds out this week’s global top five. The comedian jumped up five spots thanks to his seven-day view tally, which reached 529.4 million weekly views.

Top Gainers

The Top Gainer in this week’s Global Top 50 is cruising into town on a tricked-out ride. When the rider takes off her reflective helmet, keen Shorts viewers may recognize her as the star of M50 Redox, a fast-rising channel that just earned its first appearance in the Global Top 50.

Almost all of M50 Redox’s best-performing Shorts take place on top of bikes, but the channel doesn’t exactly have the need for speed. Rather than zooming off into the distance, its riders play out the sort of morality tales that often flourish on YouTube Shorts. Just remember: If you scuff the seat with your shoe, you have to wipe it clean with the front of your helmet. Rules are rules.

When M50 Redox isn’t reading the rules of the road, it tends to ape other YouTube Shorts trends. Videos with prankish spirits perform well among the channel’s most popular uploads, as is the case on many well-traveled channels.

Though M50 Redox has been on YouTube since 2018, it just experienced its best-ever week on the platform. Its traffic increased 3x over, and it landed in the Global Top 50 for the first time, topping out in 40th place. Seven days earlier, M50 Redox barely reached the Top 500, but its improved performance brought it up to 256.3 million weekly views.

We’ll see over the coming weeks whether M50 Redox continues to rev its engines, or if it will run out of gas before riding up to the top ten.

Channel Distribution

Here’s a breakdown of the Top 50 Most Viewed channels this week in terms of their countries of origin:

  • India: 17 channels in the Top 50.
  • United States: 14 channels in the Top 50.
  • Hong Kong: 5 channels in the Top 50.
  • Japan and Pakistan: 2 channels in the Top 50.
  • Belgium, Canada, Czechia, El Salvador, France, Latvia, Russia, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam: 1 channel each in the Top 50.

This week, 36 channels in the Top 50 are primarily active on YouTube Shorts.

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Top 50 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • Week Of 06/23/2024 – Information Global Online

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