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This is the kind of right-wing BS I choose to wake up to every morning.  It’s all I can do to stop myself from commenting, “Yeah, our founding fathers all cooked the books to hide raw-dogging a porn star, didn’t they?”  But I don’t, because then I’ll get blocked and won’t see any more of this guy’s right-wing garbage.  He’s just one of dozens of spewers of MAGA BS whom I follow.

I choose to see it because unlike you, I’ve trained the Facebook algorithm to show it to me.  How?  By sharing it to my private group that I use as my personal repository of all the MAGA garbage I see.  The Facebook algorithm notices my having shared it to a group, and figures that if I’m sharing it, then I must like it, and I want to see more.  So more of it is exactly what the Facebook algorithm feeds me.

I’ve managed to plant myself firmly inside the MAGA silos of Facebook so I can see for myself all the anti-Biden, pro-Trump garbage that millions in the MAGA cult enjoy and share all day long, every day of the week.  At most, 5% of it gets flagged by Facebook as misinformation.  The rest goes completely unchecked.  These cult members are immersed in mind-bending disinformation, and I’ll just bet you a lot of it is concocted in Russia as part of Putin’s plan to re-elect his favorite “useful idiot” this November.

So I keep asking myself, when will the DNC place targeted ads to soften up the MAGA silos?  I’ve yet to see even one such ad.  Please, just give them one or two things to think about once in awhile.  Challenge their belief that Trump is a savior, with one or two thoughts about how he might be more like an antichrist.  Soften up their ironclad support, just a little.  Get them to think for themselves, just a little.  Peel off a few of them, or at least get some to sit out the election instead of voting for Trump.

I see plenty of Biden ads on TV, even though I’m not in a swing state.  I get Biden mailers, which is preaching to the choir.  That money could be MUCH better spent preaching to the sinners.

So why won’t they use the powerful tools that Facebook provides advertisers to precisely target the audience?  Cambridge Analytica proved that such precision tools are available.  Much as I dislike the thought of Zuckerberg getting any more money, I dislike even more the thought of Trump getting reelected.  These MAGA silos constantly churn memes of unknown origin that keep the MAGA cult in lockstep and strongly motivated, albeit completely misinformed.

We all fear that Trump will again win.  The best way to prevent that would be to penetrate the Facebook silos of churning disinformation that we Democrats never even see.  Just because we don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not doing us grave harm 24/7.  It’s exactly what Putin wants tens of millions of voters to be indoctrinated with, all day, every day, from now until November 5th.

So DNC, you’re our only hope.  Penetrate the MAGA social media silos with precisely targeted ads, and do it now!

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Penetrate the MAGA Facebook Silos NOW! #Penetrate #MAGA #Facebook #Silos

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Penetrate the MAGA Facebook Silos NOW! – Journal Today Online

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