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Taral V. Patel, who is facing a charge of online impersonation in the name of Antonio Scalywag, has allegedly created a duplicate Facebook page using the profile picture of Fort Bend County District Judge Surendran K. Pattel.

The fake account created by Patel identifies the profile name as “Surendran Pattel”, while the original personal Facebook page created by the judge himself has the profile name “Surendran K. Pattel.”

As a part of the ongoing investigation, Fort Bend County DA’s investigator Evett Kelley obtained a search warrant against Meta Platforms. Inc., (Facebook) with the authority “to search for and to seize and/or agents of Meta Platforms, Inc. are hereby compelled to search for, seize, and to tum over all the records and information that are pertaining to the Facebook account Surendran Pattel for the time period of account creation to July 1, 2024.”

According to the search warrant, a search of the Facebook account “Surendran Pattel” (User ID for the entirety of its contents, from the time the account was created to the issuance of this warrant, would yield pertinent information that would constitute evidence of the offense(s) of Online Impersonation (Texas Penal Code 33.07) or evidence that a particular person(s) committed the offense of Online Impersonation (Texas Penal Code 33.07). Affiant reasonably believes that all the account’s contents are material to this investigation because the account was created using Judge Pattel’s name and persona without his consent, thereby making every action taken on the account evidence of the offense of Online Impersonation or evidence that a particular person committed said offense.

Taral Patel’s alias “Antonio Scalywag” became “Facebook friend” with Surendran K. Pattel (real account) on July 28, 2021.

Antonio Scalywag made several comments on user Surendran K. Pattel’s posts that were complimentary to user Surendran K. Pattel . There were also a series of direct messages between Surendran K. Pattel and Antonio Scalywag beginning in August 2021. The conversation was friendly in nature until January 2022, when it appeared that Surendran K. Pattel was upset with something Antonio Scalywag had posted publicly. No further communication was noticed until November 2023 when Antonio Scalywag sent several messages to user Surendran K. Patteland at a phone call using Facebook messenger to user Surendran K. Pattel but received no response.

At the time of Patel’s arrest on June 12, 2024, his Google cell phone was seized and a search of the phone records showed a Facebook account listed for “Surendran Pattel” that was associated with the email [email protected].

The investigator searched Facebook for “Surendran Pattel” and noted that it was a different profile from Surendran K. Pattel observed that this second profile, “Surendran Pattel” , also contained a photograph of Judge Surendran Pattel in the 248th District Court, Fort Bend County, Texas. That profile picture was loaded on December 18, 2023.That account for ‘”Surendran Pattel” only followed two other accounts, “Nikita Khambe” and “Re-Elect Commissioner Andy Meyers” and had no other public information available.

Judge Pattel identified the photo on the profile as a photo of him and the same photo Judge Pattel uses on his personal Facebook profile, which he identified as Surendran K. Pattel.

Judge Patel told the investigator that he did not create the profile “Surendran Pattel” and he did not authorize anyone else to create it on his behalf. Judge Pattel stated that the Facebook profile “Surendran Pattel” was created using his name and displaying his photo without his consent.

Judge Pattel was asked whether he was associated with the email [email protected], and Judge Pattel stated that he was not.

Judge Pattel showed his true and authentic account with the user name “Surendran K. Pattel” which had much more content and active engagement than “Surendran Pattel.

Facebook has about two weeks to respond to the search warrant and provide all the voluminous data. When the data confirms Taral Patel’s online impersonation of Judge Surendran K. Pattel, another felony charge may likely be added.

As the investigators pour through thousands of messages, the investigation is expected to widen and more potential fake accounts may be unearthed.

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